is a native New Yorker, kind of. Born in New Jersey she used to ride her bike across the George Washington Bridge into the city. She skipped class to go to the Met. All grown up now she lives in Lancaster Pennsylvania with her chubby baby Henry and her artist husband What’s-his-name, err, Mark.

Graphic designer by trade, critic by temperament, crafter by passion, and tasteful out of habit. Amy was part of the craft movement before the craft movement was the craft movement… back when you had all those stupid art-versus-craft discussions in art school.

Bad design drives her crazy: widowing a person’s first name from their last on a line break, excessive hyphenation, inconsistencies in type styles… she’ll point out twelve problems with most any art catalog. She can’t even have those books in the house.

She’s serious about her design work, but shows no less concern when sewing blocks for her son or cooking a good meat pie.

thrift store impressario
publisher (but not author) of poetry
scrabble dabbler
letterpress printer’s devil
professional gift wrap stylist and tier of convoluted bows
hoarder of paper, yarn, and needlepoints
sci-fi movie watcher
inventer of the everything bagel with her sister (yes… I’m serious about this)
swimmer of water
parallel parker extraordinaire
creative director
problem solver for hire

Sew what!

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